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Thursday, June 23, 2022

DCPS, Greene, the school board, they are clueless, I said it but most of us are thining it.

 Check out this Instagram video put out by the district.

I want to ask the guy if he is okay, he looks like one of those guys held captive and forced to give a speech. Richard, please use the safe word if you are okay! 

With sad music included it talks about how important teachers are with an eye toward voting for the millage rate and quite frankly it's full of @#^$. 

The sad man says when good teachers leave the district is forced to put subs in the classroom, well not the last two years as the district didn't prepare for the exodus, more likely another teacher was forced to give up their planning which just creates more problems.

The video, however, doesn't talk about why teachers leave and that's probably because where money is a big deal, teachers especially veteran teachers are grossly underpaid, it's far from the only reason teachers leave, and DCPS should be honest about their role in the staff exodus and then fix it.

DCPS is a shitty,  not the best employer. In addition to poor pay, they expect too much and show little regard for their staff. Teachers aren't reluctantly leaving as the video replies (emotional manipulation anyone) they are rushing for the exit at a whiff of anything new. All three legs of the stool are broken. 

I had a boss once who was shitty at their job and mean. The thing is you have to pick one. If they were shitty and nice, I could go well at least they are nice, and vice versa, I could say well they may be mean but they are really good at their job. Currently by and large we have shitty and mean and what we need is competent and caring, because friends that will make up for a lack of money to a point. 

The district should think about how their policies affect staff before they enact any policy, but they don't. They never consider how what they do affects staff, never. In the 20-21 school year I worked harder than I ever had before, so what was my reward in 21-22, more work. 

Then would it kill the district to stick up for teachers? We have been being called pedophiles and groomers for months, what we can teach has been limited and what we can say has been curtailed and the super and board haven't said a word. They haven't spoken up for us as far as I can tell once. Well, friends at some point, and that point passed long ago to me, their silence became complicity. If they care about the staff they have made it almost completely impossible to tell. 

Teachers don't become teachers to be rich, we know that going in, but it used to be in lieu of wealth we had both support and respect, well friends, those things are now long in our rear video and we have become nothing but easily replaceable cogs in the eyes of many and I don't want to say this is just a DCPS thing but like most things, DCPS takes bad things and makes them worse. 

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