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Friday, June 17, 2022

What happens when teachers miss just one week of salary

 First I want to remind everyine, that summer pay is teachers and staffs money, they have already earned it. If the district refused to help them out this year, they should definitely create a policy where summer pay is distributed no more than two weeks after the last paycheck, the way it usually was until last year when the district started moving the distribution dates back. 

This is the question I asked, Duval teacher friends, are any of you going to have to dip into your savings or going to feel it because DCPS pushed back when they were releasing summer pay? You can private message me if you want.

A couple of people told me they were going to be okay because they had started their second jobs something I also find very troubleing.

Finally, if you were on the fence about the millage increase hopefully this will get you off of it.

I have deleted the names but each line was an individual comment.

In previous years, wasn't the regular pay date in June used (2 weeks between paychecks), then the payout the last few days of the month? It's going g to be tight for us, and yes, we did have to go into our savings because their is no paycheck 2 weeks after the previous one.

Note that many teachers don’t have any cushion so saving isn’t an option either.

Had to take out a line of credit. I don’t have any savings.

I had to transfer from savings to cover the late paycheck.

Yes, them moving the summer pay has impacted me. I had to pay some bills with credit and they had an optional pay calendar from 2022-2023 that I mistakenly was that looked like we would be paid earlier.

I'm glad you said it. The pay dates are ridiculous. All this mental health stuff is just pr. We are near hyper inflation and teachers have wait 3 weeks to get paid!!!!

I’ve Had To Borrow Money From My Parents And My Friends In Order To Get Gas In My Car And Eat This Week. I had no idea that we were getting paid and it’s really causing me to struggle.

I cannot believe it. What is the justification? Yes, we are both working AND dipping into savings because they did not pay us TODAY!!!

Yes. Thank you downtown, I'll call internet and electric companies and see if all the "appreciation" I've accrued can pay their bills.

Yep. We will be dipping into savings, this week.

I’m going to have to withdraw from my Roth IRA.

 I had to go into my savings to make my car payment because it's on auto draft. The other bills, I'm just paying late. 
Chris Guerrieri I had to cancel automatic payments too which means I’m incurring late fees.

Im sure this would mess a lot of teachers up! Single moms, others that live and care for their parents / grandparents, some that are trying to take an actual vacation!

It will not mess me up to bad as I am the second income. I will dip into savings a little but will get this back the next week. I know others though that this is going to screw badly. This is ridiculous for them to give no reason for it. One person I know will not be able to pay bills. Is her JEA going to wait?

I had to borrow money from my brother. Its embarrassing. 🙁

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