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Tuesday, June 21, 2022

It's time for teachers to stop giving DCPS interest free loans

 Full disclosure, I have been in the district for 22 years and have always used optional pay. The thing is in years past they distributed the money in a timely manner always within 2 weeks of the last regular check. This year the district said nope we're going to keep your money and collect interest a little longer and good luck to you. When I pointed out that this was hurting teachers, the district shrugged its shoulders and basically said tough luck.    

Two different readers reached out to me with plans that people could use, but whether you use them or do something else when the district stops carrying about the well-being of their staff, it's past time we stopped putting them in positions that could negatively affect our lives. 

Suggestion 1

Hey man, So this option pay thing is crap. At the suggestion of my wife’s boss, (who saved our asses by paying her a week early today) We will be opening a separate bank account at our bank that is not tied to our current checking account and I will be submitting forms to DCPS to have the amount they would normally hold for equalization pay sent directly to this other bank account. This way, I never see it, it’s held separate and I’m not at the mercy of DCPS whims on when they want to pay me my summer money, and I accumulate any interest and they do not. Pass this idea along as you see fit. I know a lot of people do the equalizer pay so they never see that money during the year and aren’t tempted to spend it and this way, I’ll never see it either, but it’ll be there when I’m ready to use it in the summer. Damn the man! And remember $275k doesn’t go as far as it used to …

Suggestion 2

Blogger doesn't want me to post this comment, so here it is. You may use it as a main post if you want: As I ponder this ridiculous situation, I have a solution for the superintendent, school board, and union to consider. Does anyone remember Christmas Club accounts? In the past, people would start an account in late December or early January, and pay into it every paycheck. The amount would accumulate and people absolutely could not tap the funds until the end of October or early November when the account matured. Then, they had the money they wanted to buy presents and provide the holiday celebration they wanted for their family. DCPS could do the same. The difference between a regular and optional paycheck is 9.something hours. Why doesn't the district set up a restricted savings account with a local credit union? Then, every payday, deposit the difference into the account. The optional pay employee cannot touch the money until June. Then, the account matures. There's no worrying about the dates, etc. etc. The money becomes available to the optional pay employee who can tap into the account as needed. There could be two options: money available all at once, or the funds will be released 25% at a time (we're talking 4 paychecks) across the summer into the employee's regular account. That would eliminate the need for the end of June release of 4 paychecks day after day to satisfy the district's need to clear out their liabilities before the end of the fiscal year, which is June 30. Win-win-win across the board! What say you, Diana Greene? School Board? Teri Brady?

1 comment:

  1. I couldn't agree more. It always bothered me how dcps would hold our money from step raises, bonuses, etc. til the spring then disburse it at the last possible moment like they're doing us a favor. I don't want any more of their favors.