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Monday, June 20, 2022

DCPS Superintendent number 7 in pay, teachers 40th

Greene is 7th in superintendent Salary, and its teachers are 40th. This while teachers are borrowing money from friends and family, skipping bills, postponing vacations, and getting second jobs to make ends meet. I find that manifestly gross, only made worse by Greene gleefully acknowledging this fact. 

At the 1:45 mark of the video in the link below, Greene says she feels comfortable with the number 7 salary ranking since teachers were number 7, and this was an example of her leadership. 

Um, yay we're number 7, sigh.

Teachers however aren't number 7 they are number 40.

Now I get it, some of her defenders will say she meant of the seven largest school districts, to which I would reply words matter and she didn't say that, and in fact, her lack of words about all the attacks on teachers, the teaching of history and on the LBGTQ community should show us all she shouldn't have a job let alone a raise.

The board and video give Greene credit for the graduation rate which dipped just a tad, as a reason she should have her 9.1 percent raise, but do you know where graduation rates are also up? EVERYWHERE!!!! Giving Green credit for the rise of graduation rates is like blaming Biden for the price of gas. You can do it, but it's dumb.

Greene and the school board are tone-deaf. This is yet another example of how teachers are little more than easily replaceable cogs to them. 

To find out how much superintendents statewide make, click the link.

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