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Wednesday, May 3, 2023

Greene gives the LGBTQ community one more stab in the back

So DCPS had a trans bathroom bill that allowed students to use the bathrooms they identified with. I want to say they have had this policy for about a decade, and if there have been any problems whatsoever, they haven’t made the news.

Fast forward to yesterday as transphobia has gripped the republican party, and the district was voting on changing the bill making it so students had to use the bathroom of the sex that a doctor put on their birth certificate.    

Remember, up till now, there had been no problems or even complaints as far as I can tell. It has also undoubtedly been a benefit to those few trans students in the district, allowing them to feel comfortable in their own skin. Greene's words could probably go a long way in determining the outcome.

Earlier in the day, Greene announced her retirement. She is out the door. So by standing up for LGBTQ children, she didn't have much to lose.

She now had a chance to make up for the last two years, where she and the state had attacked and marginalized the LGBTQ community.  Last night was her golden opportunity to stand up and make up for what she and the state had put the LGBTQ community through. Now was her moment to show the LGBTQ community and are most vulnerable children she really does care, and what did she say in defense of them?

Nothing, not a %$# %^#$ word. She again showed that she didn’t care, which in my mind further cements what I have known for over a year, and that Greene is not a hostage in the DeSantis anti-LGBTIQ agenda; no, she is a willing participant.

She could have stepped up, but she didn’t.

Once again, Greene has shown us who she is. I just don’t get why more people don’t believe her.



  1. It’s a pity that all of those who share common discrimination can’t come together.

  2. Your issue with Dr. Greene seems very personal. You have written an entire article attacking Dr. Greene instead of focusing on the legislation that Desantis has passed, along with ignoring the school board members who will remain on the board following Dr. Greene’s departure who are clearly in agreement with Desantis’ policies. As you stated in your post these policies have been in place 10 years. If it was indeed Dr. Greene’s goal to attack the LGBTQ community, I’m sure these issues would have started when she became superintendent instead of when a manipulative governor took office. Who’s side are you really on? You appear to be pro LGBTQ and anti Desantis’ policies but most of your posts lately have been hyper focused on Dr. Greene. Meanwhile we had a school board member say out of her mouth that said she saw nothing wrong with Desantis’ policies and thought he was doing a good job. Why not send all this attention her way? Dr. Greene didn’t even speak at the board meeting where the future of her job was being discussed, while other board members passionately sought to defend her and were outvoted. You simply don’t agree with Dr. Greene’s leadership style, and there is nothing wrong with that. She is more acquiescent, and doesn’t seem to have a “fight back” energy about her; but attempting to paint her as someone who is an enemy of the LGBTQ community on the same level as Desantis doesn’t seem appropriate.