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Friday, May 5, 2023

Coker and Pearson have a DeSantis and Decency problem

This past Tuesday, Coker and Pearson voted for DCPS’s new bathroom policy. They did not have to, which makes me wonder why.

They are down with further attacking marginalized children and they support the stats anti-LGBTQ agenda.  

Or since they are DeSantis’s hit list, they are trying to curry favor with him and the rest of the extremists. I would almost rather it be the former because the latter means using the words selfish and coward to describe them would be appropriate.   

If it is the latter, what do they think is going to happen, DeSantis and Moms for Liberty are suddenly going to say, well, they have been as cruel and ignorant as we want; let’s support them instead.  Greene was on team DeSantis for years and they couldn’t wait to get rid of her.

If it’s the latter, Coker and Pearson don’t get the extremists don’t care how much fealty you give, how high you jump went told to do so, or how far you bend the knee. They don’t and they should know that, especially Pearson.

In 2020, the GOP told everyone to vote for Pearson and they spent thousands of dollars supporting her too and since Pearson was elected, she has done everything they asked except have a toothless and optional mask policy.  Ban books, check, attack LGBTQ children, check, throw veteran teachers under the bus, check. She did it all and still, she made their hit list.

Coker and Pearson if you read this, what part of they don’t care what you do, they are coming for you anyway, are you not understanding?

I have mentioned it before, and I will mention it again. I think these two ladies have a tremendous opportunity to pivot to supporting public ed, rath than blindly doing whatever the governor proposes. I think they can educate people about how destructive his policies are, and I think they will be rewarded for it. That or they can continue to do what they are doing now and that’s alienate public ed supporters and do nothing to endear themselves to the fascists.

They had a great opportunity Tuesday night and they passed; they once again told the LGBTQ community their place in DCPS was getting smaller and smaller. Who knows, maybe that’s the message they wanted to send. They should know, however, that public ed supporters heard them loud and clear, and where DeSantis supporters may have heard them too, at the end of the day, they won’t care.  

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