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Sunday, May 7, 2023

DCPS has had a rough year. Probably a lot rougher than you remember

 It’s been quite the year for Duval County Public Schools culminating with Greene’s firing/force out/retirement, whatever you personally want to call it. Some people are on the fence about her leaving so I thought a retrospect of just the last year would put people’s minds at ease with her leaving.

So, since people’s memories are short, I put May 7th, 2022, and May 7th, 2023 in the Google search bar and this is what came up.


May 15th, a teacher known for racist and homophobic comments gets their personal protest.

What does somebody have to do to get sent to Bull’s Bay, oh yeah, stand up for LGBTQ and students of color.


May 17th anti-bullying videos go down and cuts to the LGBTQ support guide are discussed.

DCPS assault in the LGBTQ community picks up steam.


June 10th, DCPS pulls down the LGBTQ support guide.

The march to eradicate LGBTQ from our schools is in full effect. This was a choice DCPS made, the state did not make them do so.


July 11th, DCPS calls for outing LGBTQ students.



July 13th, half of the city’s failing schools are charter schools.

Where not directly on Greene’s shoulders, every one of them had to be approved by the SB after being recommended by the super and she approved some bad ones.   


June 15th, Greene gets a pretty hefty raise.

A bigger percentage than any teacher ever got before that’s for sure.


June 30th, states civics training draws concerns.

From everyone but district leadership that.


July 27th, 450 teacher openings, 3 weeks before school begins.

Who wants to bet it is worse now?


August 10th, subs get a big raise.

Apparently just hoping the problem would solve itself wasn’t working.


August 11th a teacher accused of striking a student was exonerated.

It’s not for nothing but this former teacher of the year never returned to a DCPS classroom.


August 15th a week school has begun we are down to just 400 teacher openings.

Again, any bets that it’s not worse now?


August 15th, Bus chaos grips the district and will for months,

and by months, I mean all year.


August 16th, safe space stickers scraped off walls.

You know, because who wants kids to feel safe.


August 24th, the uber-important mileage increases passes

It is soooo important DCPS announce they won’t do anything till next year.


August 25th, DCPS spends hundreds of thousands of dollars on books and lets them rot,

If only we knew then what we know now.


August 28th, the scathing grand jury report comes back into the public consciousness, and it will promptly disappear until the Moms for Liberty crew sense an opening to get rid of Greene 8 months later.

This report technically covers what happened over a period of years, but I thought it was worth a mention.


September 7th, safety officer arrested for a sex crime.

This makes me so sad but now we have had a teacher, bus driver, custodian and a safety officer all arrested in one year.


November 11th Greene receives a walk on water evaluation

That sure didn’t age well


November 30th, DCPS ends 20-year relationship with JASMYN

This was a choice that Greene and the district make.


November 15th, A janitor accused of sexual battery on a child

Sometimes the worse headlines get lost or forgotten.


December 6th Sex ed returns to DCPS

We had taken the first semester off because nobody in the district has a calendar apparently.


December 22nd, book banning starts.

It will hit warp speed in a few weeks.


January 9th, DCPS cancels the play Indecent.

DCPS’s march to eradicate anything LGBTQ related.


February 1st, Duval’s barren bookshelves go viral.

The district will spend the next few weeks coming up with one explanation after another.

I purposely did not put-up many links to all the book scandals, problems and changes in narratives. I think it has been covered and I also wanted to have a semblance of a weekend.

 February 11th, DCPS cancels youth risky behavior survey,

You know, because if the district knew what was happening it might have to do something.


February 14th, an audit says the district was complying with reporting arrests.

Um this didn’t age well, and can the district get its money back (we are going to need it for all the lawsuits)


March 2nd, DCPS sends out incorrect emails.

Says correct information is coming soon.


March 10th, our directory of books is reassigned.

I don’t know if her views on slavery or the LGTBQ community played a role in that.

March 15th, custodians awarded back pay.

You know because DCPS cares about its employees so much it hired a company who had unfair business practices.


March 31st second teacher pulled form D.A.

2nd of which eventually be 4 more. I want to give these teachers the benefit of the doubt, but it is still pretty troubling.


April 5th, DCPS is in the middle of a lack of media specialist crisis,

This wasn’t created by Greene, but she did nothing to improve the situation and initiated the book crisis knowing how many we had.


April 6th, another premature email was sent out.

Emails can be tough.


April 6th, a bus driver was accused of sexual abuse.



April 13th, its time for DCPS to lawyer up over D.A.

They better get one over books too, JagsfanBryan, the one who put up the video of the empty bookshelves may soon own the SB building.  


April 19th DCPS reverses trans bathroom policy.

Not because we had to but because DCPS is just fine with LGBTQ no longer having a safe space in our schools.

April 19th, the state accuses DCPS of not reporting crimes 

Probably because they didn't.

April 26th, the director of professional standards is reassighned,

You know because only teachers lose their hobs.

May 2nd, emails revealed there was zero call to fire sub who took empty library videos.

Why was he fired again, oh to appease DeSantis and take the heat off Greene.


That brings us to the district and the suer parting ways last week. Hopefully how badly it was handled is fresh enough in people’s minds.

There were lots of things that I didn’t include. Lawsuits about this or that, technology breakdowns, code yellows at schools, relatively routine and minor things.

Then some of these are obviously bigger than others and some people might think I wasted my time even mentioning, but when taken in total, I find it amazing that Greene wasn’t escorted out carrying a banker’s box.  

Then there were some victories, we have a Lego land stem laboratory, and arguably the graduation rates/school grades and the passing of the mileage rate, though those last two come with some hefty caveats that I may explain in future posts.      

Then once again, all above is from just one rotation around the sun. 


  1. Have you ever thought about doing a story about dcps’s method for ‘out of field’ teachers?

    When you get tagged out of a field, Dcps gives you only the school year to do 120 hours. This means a district with a massive teacher shortage expects teachers to work for free during the school year to complete a huge amount of work. And if they don’t, they get fired. Even if they are great teachers.

    Other districts let their teachers do classes over the summer to add endorsements to their certificate. Why does Duval think it’s okay to pile on more work during the school year??

    1. I am sure I have covered it before, but if you would like to do something i can share it. Send it to

    2. To answer your question, like with most things, inexplicably DCPS feels the need to be extra, you know because hings aren't already challenging enough.