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Tuesday, May 2, 2023

On her way out the door, Greene shows us who she really cares about, and thats nobody but herself

 Last week when people rallied behind Greene, I was confused and a little frustrated. You see, the people mobilizing for her defense were those people who knew that Greene had been bad for public education. For the last two years, they know that Greene has faithfully carried DeSantis's water. Not once did she push back and support teachers and students, and they knew that too but still, they were there.

All their pleading, crying, and begging were moot because Greene had told the school board she was going to retire weeks before. 

From JaxToday

Coker said the district’s handling of the Douglas Anderson situation was a factor in Greene’s retirement, three years ahead of her contracted schedule. Coker and Hershey said Green notified them in separate meetings last month that she planned to retire.

By letting the public know, Greene could have saved much pain and division over the last few weeks, but she didn't, and for what? So they could stroke her ego? So she could get a few more nickles in her retirement settlement.

Somebody said to me why should Greeene risk her job by standing up to DeSantis. Apparently, they were okay with Greene looking out for number one and number one only, and that's something she did all the way to the end. 

I know people are nervous about what comes next, and so am I, but that being said, I believe we can do better.

To learn more, click the link above. 

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