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Saturday, May 6, 2023

The DCPS press conference was bonkers, revealing and nobody in the media asked THE question

It started with Hershey saying when Greene told me (about the retirement) a couple of weeks ago, I had tears in my eyes. Um, a couple of weeks ago, how come nobody to Willie because that cat was blindsided, and if this was in the works for a couple of weeks, why the emergency meeting? Why throw the city into a tizzy and not do things correctly?  

Carney went next and he said she did not think she would be in this position six months into her term. Oh sweetie, neither did we, neither did we.

Warren Jones was up next, and he put Greene into the superintendent Hall of Fame, though this guy has been asleep at the wheel since the school name chnages.

Willie, still stewing, he didn’t get an invite to the retirement party took the podium and didn’t hold anything back. She isn’t retiring; he started she is being forced out. I disagree; I think she saw the handwriting on the wall and got while the getting was good.

Pearson was next, and you could tell she wasn’t "smelling what the Willie was cooking." You should watch the video just for Pearson staring at the speakers; she said more when she wasn’t talking than when she was and she talked for a while. I also want to point out that she didn’t get up there an ad lib like the others; no she was prepared, so prepared I bet her speech was written days if not weeks ago.

Joyce didn’t speak.

When Coker, who started the meeting, returned to the podium, somebody asked her a question, which I couldn’t hear, but when Coker spoke, she didn’t talk about Greene retiring; she talked about how she felt the district was ready for a change, which is a lot different from how things had been sold, which was Greene was just ready to go, up to that point and it had all been about her decision to retire.

I think the next question was will Greene’s departure be a distraction to testing and schools. The answer is no; it won’t impact schools at all. Coker then talked about the Greene retirement process, which has been going on for several weeks. Why it was kept a secret is anybody’s guess.

There was another question, and then the press conference wrapped up without the most important question being asked: will Carney publicly confirm or deny she was at the insurrection? I think we all get that her non-answers to the question confirm she was but it is still important it's on the record so people can know what kind of person they have representing children, and that’s an insurrectionist who fought against our nation.

The media continues to abdicate their responsibility every time they have the chance to ask that question and they don’t, and it doesn’t matter that she was elected.

It is an affront to all that is decent and an embarrassment that April Carney is allowed to be there, and I don’t want people to forget that for a second.

If you would like to watch the press conference, click the link.

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