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Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Are things looking up in Florida? Possible testing restrictions on the horizon.

From the Tampa Times: 

The bill from Senate Education Chairman John Legg addresses growing concerns that Florida schoolchildren face too many state- and district-mandated exams. It would eliminate the requirement that all students take an end-of-course test in every class, with the results going toward teacher evaluations.
The proposal, which seems to have early support from key Senate leaders, would also:
•Limit state- and district-mandated testing to 45 hours, or 5 percent of a student's time in school. That would not include teacher-driven tests.
•Reduce the amount that student test results count toward teacher evaluations, from 50 percent to 40 percent.
•Allow districts to receive a waiver from state accountability rules if they have specific problems giving the new Florida Standards Assessments.
There have also been rumblings of charter school restrictions. It's hard to be optimistic two years before the next election and this session has practically unlimited potential to damage public education but at the end of the day this seems promising.  


  1. Testing is a monster that needs to be slayed.

  2. Is DCPS planning to apply for a waiver?