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Saturday, February 21, 2015

DTU is very popular with the administration and business leaders not so much with its membership.

A couple weeks back Superintendent Vitti said we had the most accommodating union in the country, unions might be problems elsewhere but not here. Then yesterday Micheal Ward the director of CSX said the union and Vitti have embarked on an unprecedented partnership where principals can now fire teachers they don't like at the 37 transformation schools.

So often the union gets unfairly blamed for problems maybe I should be happy that these people are embracing the union and calling them partners. The problem is the union membership I have talked to tell a different story.

They talk about a union which has lost touch with its membership and one that is to accommodating to the administration, they say, it's hard to see where the district ends and the union begins. If the unions fighting for us, we don't see it. Whenever I write about the union I get response after response from teacher after teacher and they paint a picture of dissatisfaction.

Morale is rock bottom, teachers are being over worked, others chased out of the profession, brow beaten and picked upon by administrations who feel they can act with impunity, the expansion of Teach for America, and we're some of the lowest paid teachers in the lowest paying state in the country. Rather than being accommodating to the administration and business community I wish the union would tackle these issues.


  1. DTU and PEN are probably equally worthless, but DTU is $54/month and PEN is $18/month. At least PEN doesn't agree with nefarious administrators. If I call both and say I was marked down on a formal observation for saying the sky is blue, when my administrator says it's pink DTU will say that the sky is pink and point at a pink cloud at sunset. They'll say that I should have been more clear and the admins can evaluate me however they want and I should be more careful about what I say to students and I shouldn't argue. PEN will say, "That's ridiculous! Of course the sky is blue. I'm sorry you have do deal with administrator harassment of this kind. Please document this for us in writing."

    DTU treats their members like shit and PEN treats members like professionals, whether they actually do anything or not. That's why I'm with PEN.

  2. The contempt that DTU has always shown for it's members is finally having an effect on its membership numbers.

    When I pay insurance premiums for years and then make a claim, they pay out. They don't refuse to pay out and then suggest that I stop paying premiums, but when I wanted DTU to do something, they suggested I quit instead. Sure, just give me back all of my dues!

  3. I struggle; I want to support my actual Union, but those people get paid for doing what exactly???? Base pay has not changed in years. We keep getting stuff hurled at us by downtown. Why should I pay into this union? And I don't really like having my PEN membership, but I need to be covered in case something happens. Once DTU gets its act together, I will join.

  4. They once told me they only do collective stuff. They don't work for individuals. Of course they don't say that when there recruiting. Why should I pay that much for the good of all? I'm not a communist.

  5. Yes, PEN! Costs less and they don't treat teachers like shit!