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Sunday, February 15, 2015

Gary Chartrand my kids deserve the best, your kids deserve crap

As students, Chartrand’s children attended Fort Caroline Elementary before transferring to the prestigious, private Bolles School through high school.

Chartrand said his desire to give his children the best education possible prompted the move and molded his own views on school options. “That’s exactly what I want other kids to be able to do,"” he said. “I had a choice. I was able to afford it and so my kids were able to go to a private school. … I think it should be available to everybody.”
He also drew on the ideas of former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush: high-stakes assessments, performance-based pay for teachers and more school choice — a term that over the years has become polarizing due to its association with charter schools and private school scholarships.
One of the many problems with the vouchers that Chartrand is peddling, I mean besides the lack of accountability and the gutting of the first amendment is they will pay for nothing like where his children went to school. The value of a voucher here in Florida is about one fourth of the tuition at the Bolles school which is why they can afford small classes, the arts and don't have to take the high stakes tests that public school students are saddled with. 
If Gary Chartrand truly believed in helping children why wouldn't he be pushing for every kid to have the same kind of education his children were fortunate to receive at the Bolles school? The answer is he doesn't, he hates organized labor, he dislikes public schools and he thinks because he is rich he is the smartest guy in the room. 

He however is not the smartest guy in the room and he and his ideas are bad for Florida's children.


  1. And if all those kids showed up at Bolles, well, first they wouldn't take them, but if they did, would Chartrand have left his kids there? These people should realize private schools don't have to take anybody who asks, that's why they're private. "Lord, what fools these mortals be."

  2. Beyond that, look at the cost of Bolles. Public schools can't even touch it financially.

  3. "Reality is in the eye of the beholder" ~ I just made that up because I am speechless.