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Monday, November 1, 2010

If Ron Littlepage loves the superintendant so much he should marry him

I really don’t understand why Ron Littlepage of the Times Union keeps giving Ed Pratt Dannals the school superintendent a pass. This time Littlepage celebrates him because he turned down 20k in car and cell phone allowances, something he probably could have afforded anyways with his 275k salary (total compensation 08-98, 339k according to the Action News web-site). Three years ago when he was appointed he received over a hundred thousand dollar raise from his previous salary. He probably does not need a raise as he makes almost as much as the superintendents of Clay and St. Johns County combined and a hundred thousand dollars more than the mayor.

Do you think we are getting an adequate return on our plus 300 thousand dollar a year investment? If so, is it the poor graduation rate, the high drop out rate or the fact less than half our high school kids read at grade level, or maybe it’s the lack of discipline or the poor teacher moral that you think warrants it?

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  1. Birds of a feather is the platitude you're looking for.They're called democrats.