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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Local Murder Factories

Whenever I read about a young person committing a crime I can’t help but wonder, how was this kid doing in school? I imagine poorly, struggling both with academics and behavior. What is the school systems solution? Why it’s to push them along until they are somebody else’s problem. One 14 year old was pushed along and became the problem of a 17 year, a 17 year old that he murdered.

Some of our schools have been called drop out factories, well if you ask me they are producing other things too, like violence and murder. They are becoming murder factories. The latest (sic) graduate is 14-year-old Earnest Thomas Bell, previously convicted of battery on a school board employee, who shot a 17 year old three times including once in the head.

Teachers today ignore so much bad behavior; if we try and step up we are branded as having bad classroom management and our jobs or potential bonuses can be on the line. Though it’s not like anything substantial happens. It’s not like children receive real consequences for their behavior. Crime overall might be down here in Jacksonville but crime committed by school age children is an epidemic fueled by policies that tie the hands of teachers and looks the other way.

When is it enough friends? When are the citizens of Jacksonville going to stand up and demand the school system takes back its classrooms? Hopefully it’s before violence committed by a young person takes the life of a teacher or takes the life of someone in your family.

What would have happened if Ernest, struggling in school had gotten the help, or the consequences he needed? Who knows another child, a 17 year old might still be alive.

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