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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Rick Scott good at double talk


by David A. Degnon, Port St Lucie

Scott has shown us he's especially good at one thing only: double talk

Gov. Rick Scott, the CEO whose corporation paid the largest medical fraud payment in history, said during election speeches that tourism is the No. 1 business in Florida. Then he proposed to close half of the state parks and cut funding to put sand on the Florida beaches.

On the election trail, he also said education is a major priority. Now he wants to cut support to school districts even though Florida is ranked one of the lowest in the country for support. Scott also said he will get insurance companies to give policies to more homeowners. Now he wants to close out Citizens Insurance and get people back on regular policies. What a joke.

More than 1 million people will lose their Citizens Insurance and be at the mercy of insurance companies that canceled most of the policies for these people to start off with. The same party keeps screwing up this state yet people keep voting them in and have created a one party system with ultimate power.

Florida holds the record for more convicted crooked politicians than any other state. Scott says he will create 700,000 new jobs? But first he will lay off thousands of state workers and teachers to reach this goal. I am new to this state and do not yet understand the thinking process of many Florida voters.

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