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Saturday, December 21, 2013

Jackson drops to a C in Iranetta's last year, would have beeb a D without the Chartrand rule.

People were shocked when Iranetta Wright the principal of Jackson high school was promoted to area chief last summer. Under her stewardship the only thing that Jackson had really accomplished was chasing most of its children away as enrollment dropped dramatically. That is except in the 2011-12 school year when the grade miraculously rose to a B.

People questioned if one good year after four abysmal ones was good enough to see her elevated so high, especially since the district had put lot and lots of extra resources into the school. Well friends it turns out the B grade was an aberration because in her last year there the school grade dropped to a C but would have dropped even farther if the state wouldn't have put in a one letter grade drop rule. Without that the schools grade would have been a D or worse.

I am told she has brought her bullyesque self promoting style to her district position too.

How did she get that job again? Especially in this era when many principals are one and done if their school doesn't improve.

Vitti should have some explaining to do!

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