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Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Jacksonville's rep Jay Fant uses the Parkland dead to gin up votes.

Jay Fant is part of the Duval Delegation representing district 15, south Duval and downtown.  A rabid anti public education advocate he has tried to use the tragedy in Parkland to push a pro gun agenda.

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Um, hmmm, um, wha? Um, what?

This guy represents Jacksonville and its hard to imagine anybody being more tone deaf than this.

This isn't about being pro gun or being pro reasonable restrictions. This is about Fant not understand that the reason we have lost so much is partly because of a combination of Florida's shoddy treatment of pubic education, starving it of resources and some of the most lax gun laws in the nation where a nineteen year old can buy a weapon of mass destruction but he can't buy a beer.

Has he learned nothing? If he really cared about them he would want to make some changed.

I can only imagine this tweet was designed to inflame his base and gin up votes, it's however  a shame he used 14 dead children as props to do so.

Fant is running for attorney general and I cant wait not to vote for him.

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