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Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Less than a week after three educators laid down their lives, Florida's assault on education continues, updated

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Today the senate appropriations committee voted to include a teacher union busting measure joining their compatriots in the house. The measure would decertify any union with less than fifty percent membership except for police, fire and prison guard unions, that is unions that are mostly male and vote mostly republican. This attack on teachers less than two weeks after three educators gave their lives is more shameful evidence of the republican agenda to dismantle and privatize public education.

My republican friends is this what yo voted for when you voted R?

We can add Parkland and so many other schools to the list.

Tallahassee's assault on the teaching profession continued as the Florida senate took up a bill designed to knee cap collective bargaining for teachers and this less than a week after three staff members laid down their lives to protect their children.

From the Tampa Times

This year, the Senate is more openly challenging some of the House education positions, recrafting HB 7055 to fit its own policy vision.
In advance of the panel meeting, Education chairwoman Sen. Dorothy Hukill has submitted a strike-all amendment that's nearly half the length of the House version.
Her bill would keep some of the underlying priorities that the House has advanced — particularly the Hope Scholarship for students who have been bullied, strengthened oversight of private schools receiving tax credit scholarships and, surprisingly, teacher union decertification if membership drops below 50 percent of eligibility. (The union issue has not had traction in the Senate to this point.)
The senate is supposed to be made up in the adults in the room but I fear they are going to let us down.
For a state with a teacher shortage, where teachers are already chronically under paid, and where teachers give up so much and in some instances their lives, the republicans in Tallahassee are certainly doing all they can to kneecap the profession.
These wholesale attacks on teachers can't be what my republican neighbors voted for.

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