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Tuesday, February 27, 2018

The Florida Senate makes the gun problem worse

It's hard to imagine after the tragedy in Parkland that the gun problem could get worse but that is what the Florida senate has made it. They were asked by the survivors to do two things and they failed to do them both.

Almost immediately after the tragedy, the survivors went to Tallahassee and begged the house to ban assault weapons and instead the House thumbed their nose at them and instead declared porn an emergency and mandated that "In God We Trust", be displayed in all our schools.  

The Senates supposedly the adults in the room had a chance to keep the debate alive but they didn't, voting on a near party line to stop debate on the issue. They then doubled down on the smack to the face of the survivors and did the second thing they didn't want, guns in the classroom and started a program to arm teachers.

From the Orlando Sentinel,

The amendment (to ban assault weapons) failed in a 7-6 vote, with Miami Republican Anitere Flores crossing party lines to join Democrats, who voted as a bloc in favor of the proposed ban on assault-style weapons. 

After the ban failed, the crowd again erupted, threatening lawmakers with being voted out of office in November. 

The overall package approved by the Rules Committee would allow specially trained teachers to bring guns to schools, prohibit people younger than 21 from buying rifles or other long guns, and give law enforcement officers the ability to get court orders to take guns away from mentally ill people they deem dangerous.

Only in Florida can we take a terrible tragedy and not only do nothing substantial about it but then turn around and make things worse.

Friends we can't keep voting the same public education hating special interest owned politicians and expect things to improve, we just can't.

How the senate committee members voted:

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