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Friday, February 23, 2018

Jason Fischer roasted over office incident.

First let me say violence in any form is reprehensible, next let me say, how does Jason Fischer not have an opponent yet? He ran a scorched earth campaign that he barely won which had to alienate his opponents, who was also a republican, base  and he has taken so much special interest money that has to turn people off.

He has only represented himself and his donors one of which is his employer since he was elected and he is beatable if somebody would step up. Want proof look at the comments most of which are making fun of him or are against him.

Okay the story is somebody visited Fischer's office and demanded he do something about assault weapons and when he didn't get the response he wanted he assaulted a legislative aide, which again if it happened is not cool at all.

Fischer put this statement out on Facebook,

On Wednesday, a man, a coward really, forced himself into my district office in Jacksonville demanding that the legislature ban “assault weapons” and other firearms.
He then attacked my district aide and said he was trying to prove a point about “gun control.” This coward was inspired to violence by the political stunt that one of my colleagues pulled on Tuesday. Shame on both of them.
There is no justification, political or otherwise, for violently attacking an innocent person.
We’ve notified the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office about the incident. Anyone with information about the assailant’s identity is urged to contact JSO immediately.
My district office will be closed until some additional security measures are put in place. Any constituents who wish to contact me in the meantime can do so by email or phone, or (850) 717-5016.
I look forward to constructive, civil conversations about the issues important to Northeast Florida, especially as we wrap up the 2018 legislative session.

In response hilarity and some poignant comments ensued, its a public page but I deleted posters names and these are some of the comments.

Hock has a badge showing that they are a constituent of Jason Fischer Maybe ya outta arm your office workers... ya know, since arming teachers is a good idea, we should extend that idea to other work places.

It's unfortunate that this happened, I hope your aide is ok. Have you considered adding "In God we Trust" to the doorway? I hear that keeps the bad things from happening.

Are you allowed to carry in your offices, or must they be gun free zones? Making sure all staff carries should be a good deterrent.

What about our schools? Someone came into one of our Florida schools and murdered 17 innocent people. Can we close them until we put additional security measures in place?

 Sorry to hear about the aide. Glad you are able to close while you assess security and thank you for letting your constituents know. 

Your constituents are angry. Students are forced to go to schools they don’t feel safe in. What is Jacksonville doing to prevent this violence at one of our schools? What are you doing?


Is it your position that only cowards want sensible regulation of firearms and a ban on assault-style weapons?

Yes or no, Rep. Fischer.


sounds suspiciously made-up, like the boy who claimed CNN wanted to 'give him a script'. Convenient, like when Sarah Palin used to blame shootings on 'leftwing terrorists.'

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  1. We could use additional security at the schools in your district too. My HS has 2400+ students and only 2 security guards.