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Tuesday, February 27, 2018

The embarrassing and shameful bills the Florida legislature is voting on

It's a list of reckless, vindictive, dangerous and heartless bills.

Today a senate subcommittee  voted to decertify unions that have less than 50 percent membership, except for police, fire and prison guard unions, you know the ones that are mostly men and vote republican. This is a direct attack on teacher unions.

Speaking of teachers, they voted to arm them as a line of defense against school shooters despite the fact that overwhelmingly teachers have come out against the idea.

Then two days after the slaughter of fourteen children they voted to declare porn a danger while refusing to take up a debate about assault weapons, something they have refused to discuss in both houses now.

They also voted to have "In God We Trust" prominently displayed in all public schools. I guess this plus arming Mrs. McGuilicutty is supposed to keep children safe. 

Throw in their annual voucher bills designed to siphon more money out of public education and children into unregulated and generally substandard private schools and this is what the republicans in Tallahassee call a successful session.

Friends we can and should be doing better. We can no longer continue to vote for people who want to dismantle our public schools, show zero interest in protecting our children and who only represent the special interests who donate to their campaigns and super pacs.



  1. That's what happens when you vote in a bunch of punkass bitches!

  2. I wish the election were tomorrow! I'm ready to vote everyone out and I usually don't follow party lines, but this disgusts me. Love your posts!!

  3. I'm conservative on most issues, but Republicans in state of Florida are destroying public education. They clearly have no idea what they are doing.