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Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Becki Couch implores Tallahassee to stop attacking public education and for people to vote for pro public ed candidates

We are going to miss Mrs. Couch when she leaves the school board. She started slow but during her second term she has been a fierce defender and advocate of pubic ed. We are also really going to miss her if she is replaced by Dave Chauncey, the privatizers dream candidate. On a Facebook post  Mrs. Couch let her feelings about the upcoming election be known.

Via Fcebook

All of these (air condition units, old lap tops and a failing copier machine) are paid out of capital funds. 

Our legislature has reduced the amount school boards can levy from 2 mil to 1.5 mil. That resulted in a loss of $36 million every year since 2010. 

They also kept the required local effort flat which does not allow for school districts to benefit from rising property values. 

They gave over 50% of PECO taxes to charters 600 schools versus over 4,000 district schools. 

To top it off they now require school districts to share what little amount they have in property taxes with charters that are privately owned and for profit run. 

All of this occurred within the last 8 years. 

It’s time to demand better from politicians in Tallahassee. Parents and teachers must unite to demand public education is no longer the whipping post.

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