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Saturday, October 13, 2018

@#$% you Delores Bar Weaver! There I said it and I feel better for having done so.

Delores Bar weaver, wife of former Jags owner Wayne Weaver has been in the news a lot recently.

She gave a million dollars to United Way, a freaking million dollars.

From the Times Union:

Jacksonville philanthropist Delores Barr Weaver has donated $1 million to the United Way of Northeast Florida’s endowment, which provides a sustainable revenue source to the nonprofit and its partners.
The donation is the first endowment gift of that size in the nonprofit’s 94-year history, according to the agency.
“United Way of Northeast Florida is a critical leader in addressing the most challenging conditions of our community,” Weaver said. “I am proud to support United Way’s efforts for generations to come, knowing the lives of local children and families will be irrevocably transformed.”
Then she is fighting against human trafficking too,
From CBS 47
The Delores Barr Weaver Policy Center is at the helm of Florida’s new Open Doors Outreach Network; when a survivor is identified, they’re immediately paired with a survivor mentor, a regional advocate and a clinician.
And she's advocating for girl empowerment too,

Annual See the Girl Summit

The purpose of the See the Girl Summit is to challenge participants to see how they can shift and shape the ways in which girls are treated, elevate the voices of girls, and those who identify as female, through research, advocacy and programming. Participants include juvenile justice professionals, mental health professionals, advocates, education system, child welfare system, students, health care professionals, researchers, philanthropists, parents/caregivers, volunteers, and concerned citizens.  The summit is building community through highlighting innovative programming, advocacy, and research that challenges individuals to shift how they respond to girl

Is she about to die? I don't ask this glibly because this is a lot of movement on her part and she hasn't been in the news this much since somebody stole her Beanie Baby collection over a decade ago?
You know what? I am for girl empowerment, against human trafficking and then United way is a great cause but despite all that $#@^ you Delores Bar Weaver.
She also gave a grand to Dave Chauncey, a thirty year old recent transplant to Jacksonville and a former teach for america teacher runnng for school board over a life long resident, graduate of DCPS schools and current teacher, Charlotte Joyce for the district 6 school board race. That's unacceptable and just goes to show she's just throwing money out there and has no idea what she is doing.
Human trafficking is detestable but she gets no props from me because her husband underpaid his employees and over charged his customers resulting in a personal fortune.
Girl empowerment s important but she gets no props from me if she is willing to support candidates who want to privatize our schools and minimize our teachers.
United Way is a great cause too but she gets no props from me if she has chosen to be so uniformed about what our schools need, which is a leader, not a dupe of privatization.  
These rich people, they disgust me, she disgusts me and I know that is harsh. She throws money at a problem when it's us as a society that should have the resources to fix it without her but because the wealthy are so insatiable they have crafted a society where only they benefit and then they are thought of as heroes for throwing nickels at the problems that have mostly came about because society doesn't have the resources to deal with them because we have chosen to make her and her husband filthy rich instead. 
Delores is not the hero of the story. She's the villain and that's because society has been tricked into thinking the wealthy are great when what we need is a society with the resources to solve the problems on our own.  
%$@# you Delores, we don't need your money, or if things were they way they should be we wouldn't.

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