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Saturday, October 13, 2018

How the rich are trying to buy school board races in Jacksonville

Dave Chauncey a recent transplant and thirty year old lawyer has raised 98,000 dollars for a local school board race or about 2 and a half years salary. From September 15th through the 28th he brought in over 17 thousand dollars or more than his opponent Charlotte Joyce has raised in 9 months.

Now don't think he is popular with the masses as most of the money came from a handful of millionaires looking to dominate our schools and that should trouble us all.

Investor William Walton the III and his trust have given 4,000 dollars.

The Baker family who lives in Ponte Vedra sent him 5 grand

The Steins, more Ponte Vedra residents chipped in 3 grand

The Weavers and their various companies gave him 5,500 too.

Then look at this, VCP real estate investments, JDR Jax LLC and Vestcor Communities all sent him a grand each, and they all share the same address too. Then their owners, the Roods, donated another four grand on top of that.

Do you know a teacher or parent who has 7 grand to chip into a school board race? I sure as heck don't.

What's atrocious is this is perfectly legal too. A system set up to benefit the rich and give them more voice.

I could go on and on about Chauncey's donors. but you should take a look for yourself.

Our democratic process is being subverted by millionaires many of whom don't live in the city nor sent their children to our public schools. We aren't being led, we are being ruled.


  1. Thing is, you are really that stupid. The fact that your dysfunctional ass is in a class room explain's clearly the need for change. Btw, if you had kids, would you want you to be their teacher? See the point?

    1. Sigh, Scott, it's not my fault you will be thought of as the worst school board member in history. The thing is you can attack me all you want but you can't refute anything I wrote and that means one of us is indeed stupid. Finally only a coward attacks anonymously.

    2. Friends, I thought I would let you know anonymous left another comment where they didn't refute anything I wrote and instead launched into a series of personal attacks. Now look I am a lot of things but a nasty coward who posts anonymously is not one of them. I take ownership for what I say and don't hide in the shadows. Also Scott "Anonymous" Shine if possible you are more ridiculous than even I thought if you think anything you could say could possible bother me. I do however feel sorry for you, it has got to be hard to walk around feeling impotent and emasculated like you must.

    3. Friends something unexpected just happened, Scott, err anonymous just apologized, he said he was having problems with his wife, and he was friends with some of Chauncey's donors and he was projecting his problems on to me. Scott, err anonymous, these must be disappointing times for you but remember adults face their problems, they don't attack others for their inadequacies.

    4. Chris I am so sorry you have to put up with asshat Scott Shines abuse, he is such an embarrassment. Keep up the great work and thanks for speaking for us.

    5. Friends, anonymous was up and and at it again this morning, and I have to say it's a little early to be that drunk. I don't want to give him a forum for his attacks, but wow this guy has some issues, private message me and I will send his comments to you. I really feel sorry for his wife and son.

    6. Chris I hope you don't mind me commenting anonymously, I don't want to have to put up with Shine's antics, but I am not sure if you knew that years ago he would post nasty anonymous stuff on a surf chat room. Finally the monitor had to kick him off. There is something seriously wrong with him.

    7. I had heard about that but like his creepy you tube channel and a few other things i didn't think they were fodder for the blog. Thanks for commenting!