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Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Howland, school board district 2 candidate is overselling his business acumen, just like he oversells everything else.

People understand Howland, school board candidate district 2, doesn’t run the pentagon right?

Howland touts his business acumen as a reason that he should be on the school board, this despite the fact the last two business men that district 2 elected flamed out after one term and Scott Shine failed spectacularly.

Um before I go on district 2, you know a common definition of insanity is to the same thing over and over again and expect a different outcome right? Doesn’t electing Howland, after electing his clones, Shine and Lee, feel a little insane to you?

Okay back to Howland’s business acumen, from the Times Union,
Nick Howland, an executive running for the District 2 seat covering the Beaches, said his experience managing companies means he’s comfortable handling financial balance sheets and CEOs. Howland is president and board director for the Americas for 3SI Group, a manufacturer of marine safety and supply equipment.
He promised to help control Duval’s district spending.
“I have experience managing complex budgets,” he said. “I think the School Board has been delinquent in not controlling spending enough. ... We can more efficiently direct our resources toward things that matter, including attracting and retaining good teachers and expanding educational options.”

First Howland was named president in November of 2017. It’s not like he has had that job long.

He came from 3Si said Howland has more than 20 years of experience in the marine and defense industries. Most recently he was managing director of Great Bridge Capital Advisors, a management consulting firm focused on helping private equity clients grow their marine and defense portfolio companies.

Now that doesn’t sound like he has a lot of experience managing complex budgets.

Also I #$%^ you not he used the same picture for his promotion announcement that he did for his school board website.

He also doesn’t work for an American company, now I don’t care, but I wonder how many of his republican friends realize Howland is a globalist?

Nick’s company was sold earlier this month to Alliance marine group.

But most stunning is Zoominfo, a company that talks about business financials, says they had revenues of 2 million and employed ten people, um what?

Look I don’t want to discount budgets but that seems neither that large nor complex
Now how much do you have to spend to make two million? My bet is not much more than ten million. DCPS’s budget is 1.7 billion and it employs 14,000 people. It has to be a lot more complex than anything Howland has worked with. That it is a completely different experience than any he has.

In all fairness I did see his revenue might manage between 3-5 million dollars’ and he employed 14 people, but when I started to write the piece I couldn’t find it again.

Also you should know I am a little out of depth with this financial stuff, there could be a place where it says he runs billion dollar budgets and manages thousands of people but even though I looked for it I couldn’t find it.

That being said I am a bit of an expert of people running for school board, and there is no doubt if he ran billion dollar budgets and managed huge groups of people he would say it, but instead he keeps it vague, oh yeah I have managed complex budgets. Um, can we get some specifics?

The answer is no, because Howland doesn’t give specifics, nothing about education plans anyways, because the truth is he has no idea. Now he can throw out what he thinks people want to hear, for the children, retain the best teachers, complex budgets but the truth is, that isn’t saying much.

Andersen on the other hand has detailed plans on how to address mental health in our schools something we are finally realizing is a priority.

I am not saying Howland doesn’t work hard or doesn’t do a good job at his profession either, I am however saying he’s not the captain industry that has managed huge and complex budgets that he implies he is. Nothing he has done can have prepared him for a spot on the school board, nothing.

Friends, we can’t keep making the same mistakes over and over and thinking things will improve, we just can’t.

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  1. I'm so over this guy. When people say you should vote for him because he's a business man, what they're really saying is that you should vote for him because he's a MAN. Elizabeth Andersen is a small business owner and has been for 4 years. She is a business woman and deserve to have that recognized and respected. Anyone who has owned their own business knows how much work goes into it. Owning your own business is far more involved than just a 9-5 executive job. It's your heart and soul and sweat and tears. The TU going around touting that Howland is better because he has business experience is not only ridiculous, it's sexist. Not only is Elizabeth Andersen a former teacher and a mental health counselor, she's also a BUSINESS OWNER. If that doesn't make her qualified in terms of having "business experience", then what does?