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Thursday, October 4, 2018

How many ways can the district $@% teachers? Let me count.

I am being told that new teachers and veterans that applied for re-certification last year have lost out on the teacher lead money. 320 dollars that many had already spent to out fit their rooms and buy supplies.

They are being told with a shrug by the district that their certification process has not been completed by the state and thus they aren't eligible. It doesn't matter that they had their paper work in, in plenty of time or that they had already spent their own money.

What makes the situation worse is there was no heads up, that they weren't going to get the money, they only discovered it after they opened their checks and the the money wasn't there. What a slap in the face that must have been to professionals who dedicate their lives to the service of children.

Then there is no make up pay time either, when the state finally does complete their certifications because of some state imposed arbitrary deadline, that teachers missed through absolutely no fault of their own.

I find this unacceptable.

People wonder why there is a teacher shortage and fewer people are going into the field well I say the answer is obvious, its because of the continuous parade of sleights like this one, accept this sleight hurts teachers already precarious bank accounts.

Then in Jacksonville I think about all the money wasted recently with things like the QEA that sent 5 million to Teach for America that didn't go towards salaries, benefits, training or classrooms. Couldn't we use that money to make up this travesty fostered on teachers already so put upon by the state?

Our teachers deserve so much better and if the state isn't going to do what is right then the district should use its reserve funds to do so, rather than continue with the shrug and insincere "so sorry" that teachers have been currently getting from DCPS.



  1. Last year, we were told that the district would no longer replace printers or ink cartridges and we should use our lead money instead. This year equipment no longer qualifies. So will the district supply that?

    1. Oh for %$#^s sake, I want to quit and wash dishes. Things will make more sense and I will be more appreciated.

  2. I am so sorry for all the teachers in Florida that are affected by this situation. The bureaucracy at FDOE is pitiful.

    1. If you are so sorry, vote these fools out of office! They have messed over teachers enough. There is no excuse for this!!! TEACHERS WORK THE CONTRACT!!!!!!!