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Monday, February 17, 2020

Rory Diamond really hates teacher's unions

A number of years ago I was talking to a former mayor who was giving Gary Chartrand an award, I asked him, how can you give this guy a reward after all he has done to attack public ed. he said, other than maybe really not liking labor, he's not that bad. Of course we know the former mayor was talking about unions. Well friends when it comes to hating unions'  Chartrand has found a disciple in Diamond, who can't see to attack them enough.

This from Diamond's twitter feed.

Um, this guy is from Nebraska, yes that Nebraska and he only took 5 percent of his total from the Nebraska teachers unions. Hell people like Fischer and Shine were talking must of their money from charter school interests and  Diamond took a million dollars from Gary "Charter school" Chartrand.

How much must you hate teachers unions to go after some school board guy from Nebraska?

Diamond, is arguably corrupt and definitely biased to the point his judgment can't be trusted. Beaches you deserve better. 

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