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Saturday, February 1, 2020

8 voucher schools in Jax take public money and practice discrimination

The Orlando Sentinel did a piece where they examined what schools that take vouchers, paid for with public money and either won't allow LGBTQ students to enroll or discourage them from doing so and Jax had 8 schools. 

They are:

Old Plank Christian Academy which took in $1,068,112, Providence School (314,593), West Meadows Baptist Academy (210,718) Harvest Community School (97,895) Trinity Christian Academy, (3,853,573) University Christian (2,226,934) Cedar Creek Christian School (1,634,696) and Eagle's View Academy (1,339,823).

That's millions of dollars used to promote hate and discrimination.

Also if you didn't know it, the system is set up so Voucher schools can pick and choose who they take and keep, for any or no reason, can teach whatever they want, their teachers don't have to have certifications  let alone degrees, are exempt from the accountability system that Tallahassee thinks is so important for public schools and uses to grade districts, teachers and schools and most schools don't even have to report how they spent the money.   

Even non religious zealot school choice advocates should be upset at that.

Friends, how is any of this right?

From the Orlando Sentinel,

Florida’s scholarship programs, often referred to as school vouchers, sent more than $129 million to these religious institutions. That means at least 14 percent of Florida’s nearly 147,000 scholarship students last year attended private schools where homosexuality was condemned or, at a minimum, unwelcome.

This is us, this is Florida where discrimination is not only alive and well but publicly funded.

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