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Monday, February 3, 2020

The new appointee to the state board of Education, Ryan Petty, comes out swinging in favor of discrimination.

From both the I cannot make this up and what the $#@^ files, new appointee to the state board of education, hot off the heels of revelations about his disturbing anti public ed tweets, Ryan Petty has come out singing in favor of discrimination. JC Florida what is going on?!?

Um, so the discrimination's okay?

By the way he was retweeting something a hack from the Cato institute vomited out.

Once again, so the discrimination is okay?

So unlike decent folks who care about kids, he blamed the reporters for revealing the discrimination. So unlike decent folks and saying lets fix this so publicly funded schools are inclusive, he BLAMED THE REPORTERS FOR REVEALING THE DISCRIMINATION!!

He's saying, sshh, why did you reveal the discrimination.

This $#@^er is now on the state board of education. Why do I not feel optimistic he's going to make things better.

Here is another tweet of his;


So you know, a little discrimination is okay. And don't worry that the OS said it was 156 schools, facts never get in the way of guys like Petty. 

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