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Thursday, April 9, 2020

During the middle of the Pandemic, DeSantis signs tax bill that will send hundreds of millions to charter schools.

Public schools have stepped up during the pandemic, feeding communities and providing technology and instruction while charters have stepped away. Despite this, that didn't stop DeSantis from signing a tax package that will eventually send hundreds of millions in extra tax payer money to charter schools. As a bonus he signed bills making it harder to get citizen initiatives on the ballot and giving the richest corporations a half billion in tax rebates. Um who does he work for again?

From Florida Politics,

Other parts of the tax bill involve policy issues, such as a change that could lead to more local capital-outlay tax dollars going to charter schools.

Since the state has abdicated properly funding education more and more communities have stepped up and passed sales tax referendums, and each community up till now was able to decide how they would share with charter schools. Well friends not anymore, as now they are required to share on a per pupil basis with charters which will cost districts hundreds of millions of dollars.

Up till now capital outlay tax dollars were there to serve specific purposes, upgrading technology, building schools, etc., well now charter schools can use the money to pay for things like their lease payments and if you didn't know it, that is how charters make their money.

Most charters pay lease payments to a sister organization often above market value. Heck some charter chains have sister companies, under the same umbrella, that rent furniture and computers to the charters as well. Anyway that they can make a buck.

Here is a great article explaining more how that happens.

As public schools have stepped up and budgets are about to crater, one of DeSantis's top priorities sadly was to make sure charters got paid.

Floriduh... ugh...

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Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis signs initiatives bill, tax package

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