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Tuesday, May 18, 2021

Greene and the district don't deny Corcoran had teacher removed from the classroom

 Where not a lawyer, it seems to me Amy Donofrio is going to own the district as she sues it into oblivion. Corcoran tells the Times Union he had Greene remove her from the classroom. While the district sticks with her, she is under investigation (for what) story. 

I spoke with a school board member on Sunday, and they said it was absurd that Corcoran was telling people he had her removed though it sure seems like the right hand, the super is keeping the left hand, the board, in the dark.


So just like that, the commissioner says jump, and our super asks how high, though I guess we shouldn't be surprised how she has bent the knee to the little boot for the last year.

Think about it, if the commissioner is telling the truth, he picked up the phone and said Greene get her out of the classroom, and she said okay and then concocted a story that Donofrio was under investigation for some vague offense. If he's not telling the truth, then he is lying, and the district is covering for him.

The thing is, somebody is lying, it's either the super or the commissioner or both, and sooner or later the cover-up will be bigger than the crime.

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