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Friday, May 21, 2021

"You have to police them on a daily basis." Richard Corcoran on the free speech of teachers

Teachers cannot be trusted, and don’t take my word for it, take Commissioner Corcoran's 

Little boot Corcoran said of the 185 thousand teachers in Florida’s public schools; none of them can be trusted (see the video above). They have to be continually policed to make sure they aren’t sneaking on crazy liberal stuff. The book publishers can’t be trusted either because, like teachers, they will try and sneak stuff in.

Sadly he is the warped one out to indoctrinate kids, but since up is down in Florida, he thinks he is the hero. 

The commissioner has proposed a rule that will prevent teachers from having opinions during school hours, and it will pass too because the state board of education, a board as unqualified as Corcoran, is just as radicalized.  

From First Coast News, 

 Separating fact from opinion in teaching is what Florida's education commissioner says he wants to do with a plan to remove what he calls "indoctrination" from the classroom.  


Some groups are worried those changes will leave out critical historical context. 


Many classroom educators are opposing the move. 

Our view of history is always changing, especially in the past few years of dramatic social change.  


But Florida's education commissioner wants to limit how much new perspective can be applied to subjects like American history. 


“We’re passing a rule this coming month that for the 185,000 teachers, you can’t indoctrinate students with stuff that’s not based on our standards,” Corcoran said. 

You see, Corcoran can’t understand that people are turning against his radical and white/Eurocentric conservatism because it’s abhorrent and runs counter to decency. He thinks they must be being tricked by Mrs. Mcgillicutty at PS 18 and her 184,999 friends when the truth is all young people have to do is open their eyes.    

Corcoran is a far-right ideologue who would not be allowed anywhere near education if we lived in a decent state. There is no indoctrination going on in our classrooms, but he will change that if he has his way.   

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