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Wednesday, May 5, 2021

DCPS approves charter with racist and anti-LGBTQ ties

 I sent below to the school board after seeing their plans to approve a second classical charter school. I knew it was going to pass, to fight back against what is wrong takes courage, and as we have seen all year long, the board lacks it, but I had hoped for some toke resistance, but apparently thinking racism doesn't exist and gay people are going to burn in hell doesn't move the needle for our school board.

  I have grave concerns about the expansion of the Classical Charter school. 

They get their curriculum from the Hillsdale Barney Charter school initiative. 

Hillsdale is a small far-right liberal arts college out of Michigan, and recently they have sent out a series of mailers to locals. 


They espouse some pretty radical theories where they basically say racism is a made-up tool to divide society so the radical left can seize power. 


For as long as I can remember, the right has accused public schools of trying to indoctrinate kids; well, friends, this seems like some straight-up far-right indoctrination on their part. 


Furthermore, last year, Hillsdale sent out a Facebook poll asking how afraid of socialism people were; I kid a little, but the answers were basically really scared, and really #$@%ing scared, 


How can we be sure that far-right indoctrination isn’t going on? Then, however, it gets worse. 


This is an Optima Foundation.


The Optima Foundation is led by Erika Donalds  


Erika Donalds has rather interesting views on banning books and troubling views on LGBTQ individuals. 


Banning Books 


Removing LGBTQ protections 


Gay people are going to hell. 




Just some random troubling stuff, from the Tampa Times, 


 She led the conservative Florida Coalition of School Board Members, which split from the larger Florida School Boards Association over vouchers. She pressed for school board term limits and a statewide charter school authorizer in an amendment that famously failed Supreme Court muster amid heated statewide debate. 


If being related to far-right indoctrination and blatant hatred of LGBTQ people isn’t enough, your own analyses only give them partial credit in about two dozen areas.  


I understand that the state does districts no favors and stacks the deck against them when it comes to charters, but I would urge you to vote no until all the standards are completely met.  


Then some board members have taken campaign contributions from Classical Charter board members, those members should recuse themselves. 


Finally, at some point, some board has to say no, and have a proper conversation with the community about what charters have become. Or, at some point, that is all we will have. You all ran to make a difference; maybe this is it. 


  1. How come these local moms are so obsessed with this racist school?

    1. Ignorance, they like shiny new things, birds of a feather flock together?

  2. Well it appears your parents were true assholes. Anyone that would raise their kid to not even let the other side say a word, even a funny one, is truly a jerk. You fit right in with the current education system of dummmies dumbing down ignorant children. enjoy your little power trip, LOL.

    1. I love when the cowardice of anonymous chimes in. Also what's funny, the racist part or the anti-lgbtq part? What should I be laughing at. My parents may have raised an asshole, but your parents raised a coward.

    2. Why not call the first anonymous poster a coward? You won't because you agree with them & not with me. Proves you are a jerk.

    3. Well, they weren't rude and disrespectful. They didn't speak about my parents and call them names. Your tone deafness is deafening. Also you didn't attempt to make a point, you didn't ask a question either, you just showed your ignorance and poor character. Now go get a clue.

  3. It's weird to me that you are that dumb, that you don't understand why I didn't call them a coward. Anonymous people comment all the time because they are afraid of the district, and that's fine, they don't however show their ignorance and poor character like you did. So dumb.

  4. I notice you have never allowed the posting of my original comment which started your little head game with yourself. People like you are so easy to spot as they have no gumption and only hide behind some self-aggrandizing blather. Go ahead and post my original comment then anyone can see for themselves how a few harmless funny words triggered your response & attack.

    1. Okay Dave, more attacks, not telling me what I got wrong, doing so anonymously make you a coward no matter what I did or did not do. As for an attack, I responded to your comment, your tone deafness is deafening. The cherry on top is I have zero idea what you are talking about. Are you really that fragile? Dumb? Nasty? You should do better. Be better,