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Sunday, May 16, 2021

What base is Green playing to? It certainly isn't public education

 If you are over sixteen and haven't got vaccinated yet, that's a choice you have made. Greene has now made masks optional for graduation ceremonies. Does this decision support people who believe in vaccinations and masks or those that don't?

The change the name ordeal has gone on for nearly a year, racists and deniers have come out of the woodwork over and over again. Robert. E. Lee is an option to change the name of Robert E. Lee too. Has this process benefitted the people who want the names of those schools to change or those who want to live in a time when children of color were second-class citizens?

Jeb Bush is the man responsible for most of the school reforms of the last two decades, A-F school grades, privatization, high stakes testing, and blame the teacher evaluations, or you know the things that pro-public education people are against. So when Green joins Bush's Cheifs-of Change, is she telling the people who support public education she stands with them, or is she telling the people that want to dismantle it, she's their woman?

Executive orders that don't get push back.

A huge expansion of charter schools.

Practically ignoring the pandemic. 

Silence as the state attacks unions, teachers, and trans children. 

Who is Greene's base because it sure as heck doesn't seem to be public education?

When Greene joined Cheifs for Change, that was really the last straw. Still, the reality is Greene over and over again has shown, she has other thoughts than doing everything he can to fight for public education, and I don't know about you. Still, I want a super that bleeds public education, not actively undermines it.

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