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Sunday, May 16, 2021

Greene ignores CDC guidelines, continues to put people in jeopardy

 First, let me say I am over masks. I am over wearing them, I am over telling kids to wear them, and I want nothing more than for them to be in the rear window of history. That being said, I will continue to wear them; you see, I don't know most of the people out there and don't trust the ones I don't know to do the right thing, and Jacksonville's vaccination stats, that say only a little over a third of the city (41 percent over 18) is vaccinated, despite there being plenty of supply has borne that out. Even though the CDC says going maskless to large evens is ill advisable and that Jacksonville is still at substantial risk, Greene has said @&%$ it and made masks optional for graduation ceremonies.

 What the CDC says about large gatherings, including graduations.

Here are Florida and Jacksonville's vaccination numbers.

It's like we have run a race and decided to stop when the finish line is in sight. Why is finishing the year as is, get our vaccination numbers up and then get back to normal to much to ask?

Greene and the board have barely acknowledged there has even been a pandemic, so I guess this decision should come as no surprise, but since  I am still capable of feeling it, it is disappointing. 

Greene has been a disaster, and the last year has shown her real colors; she doesn't care about staff, students, or even public education, though she loves her some testing, and in my opinion, it is time for her to go.

To read more about DCPS graduation ceremonies, click the link:

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