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Tuesday, August 10, 2021

Brevard County provides Covid leave to its staff, will DCPS?

 This is what the Brevard County union is telling its membership.

Dear Members, First and foremost, I hope that you manage to have a fantastic school year! Today a reporter asked me what students and parents could expect this year. I told him that teachers are thrilled to see their students again, will welcome them back with open arms, and will do their best to meet their needs. I know you all will rise to meet this year’s challenges.We believe that the agreement we came to at the table surrounding our COVID-19 Memorandum of Agreement for the first semester will provide the leave, mitigation strategies, and other policies to help you do so. Some of the highlights are: -10 days of paid leave if you have COVID, have to quarantine, are experiencing symptoms and seeking a diagnosis, caring for someone who is quarantining, or caring for a child whose daycare/school is closed due to COVID-19 -An additional 5 days of leave if you are fully vaccinated and acquire COVID-19 and require the time -The choice to not use leave time and work remotely if you have COVID or are quarantining or caring for someone who is -Ability to use comp time in lieu of sick time -While Brevard County is identified as having high or substantial transmissibility and 6ft of social distance cannot be provided for, admins or district trainers must provide a virtual link for meetings and professional development (If the board adopts a mask policy, the social distance requirement becomes 3 ft.) -Notification of positive cases at the school or site -Procedures for working remotely in the event of a school or district closing -No hybrid instruction -Ability to volunteer to sub during your planning for $15 per class As soon as possible, we will post the MOA at Also, we will vote on this electronically in the next couple of weeks. Details on the vote will be provided soon. In solidarity, Anthony Colucci, President

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