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Wednesday, August 25, 2021

A tale of two quarantines

 One didn’t happen, and one happened quick and on steroids 

The week before Winter break, I contracted COVID, and yes, I spent my Christmas break wrapped in blankets, very sick, watching 3 seasons of Handmaids Tale. Both were miserable, but I digress.  

When my wife tested positive on Sunday, I immediately let my school know. When I tested positive on Tuesday, I also let them know, and when the DOH contacted me, I explained that my class was immersive, and I was with everyone, and it was paramount they protect my two 65-year-old plus paras. The conversation lasted about a minute, and I kind of gt the vibe I was bothering them. 

I did, however, feel relieved my ladies and students would be taken care of until I realized they didn’t do anything. I had to be infectious around them, my students and staff had to be in danger, and nothing happened.  

Fast forward to this week. 

A staff member in the transition department tested for COVID on Friday, came back positive on Monday. The DOH contacted me within 6 hours to ask about my students and who the staff member worked with. The person I talked to had their names already and asked me lots of questions, which did not happen the first time around. 

That day he called all the families he could get in touch with, and I know because half of the students in my class were absent the next day, and furthermore, every student that came in that wasn’t vaccinated was sent home.  

They had taken the case seriously and worked quickly to make sure everyone was notified and safe. Unlike the first time around, I have zero complaints and was very appreciative, except. 

At the school board meeting, superintendent Green showed a slide that said 14 percent of contacts had been successfully resolved, but roughly 43 percent of cases had just timed out, nothing had been done, and another 43 percent of cases were pending. Both alarming and scary numbers. 

So what made the overwhelming success that happened at my school possible? 

I can’t help but think; maybe it's because I do a dumb little blog, and I am willing to put my opinions out there. It may be hubris on my part, but I wonder what made my case fall into the 13 percent of successful cases when so many others did not.  

Look, I hope I am wrong. I hope what happened Monday is a fresh start and indicative of how things are going to work from now on. I really do. I may be critical of the district, but I am also one of its biggest fans. I know the amazing things that go on and could go on with just a little help, but I also cannot help but think, if my last name wasn’t Guerrieri, we might have been in trouble.  

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