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Thursday, August 19, 2021

The absolute nonsense DCPS would have people belive.

 As always, check the math, but...

 With 220 cases reported in the first week, DCPS quarantined only 43 people. On average, the district said each infected person came in close contact with one-fifth of one person. The district is saying somehow the infected managed to stay away from just about everyone.

Let me give you some scale. Hillsborough is quarantining 5 people for every one case of covid.

From Action News 8:

The number of students in Hillsborough County quarantined or in isolation for COVID-19 exposure has risen to 8,400.

The district is now tracking 1,603 cases dating back to Aug. 2 as of 8 p.m. on Tuesday night.

Even with just five to one, they are quarantining people at a rate nearly 25 times what we are.

Now let's look at Palm Beach

From CBS News,

Just a few days into the academic year, hundreds of students in Palm Beach County, Florida, have been told to go into quarantine because of COVID-19 cases at their schools. Nearly 700 kids were sent home due to possible COVID exposure on Tuesday, the first day of school, followed by over 400 on Wednesday and more than 900 on Thursday. On Friday the number sent home was 1,020, the district reported.

As of Friday, there were 134 confirmed cases of COVID-19, including 26 employees and 105 students, according to the district's COVID-19 dashboard. The cases have been confirmed in 60 of the district's facilities and K-12 schools.

Palm Beach County quarantines over 3000 students and staff for 134 confirmed cases. That's over 20 to one.

DCPS had more cases and quarantined a minute fraction of that number.

Who wants to bet when comparing numbers DCPS isn't just quarantining the fewest, but they are doing so by a country mile.


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