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Monday, January 23, 2023

DCPS is creating an enemies list of college professors

Just when you think things can't get worse, DCPS says hold my beer and goes even lower.  DCPS plans to create a sort of enemies list of college professors who cannot speak to students. 

A teacher sent me the following:

I run a National Honor Society at my school and I am now not allowed to invite local professors from FSCJ/UNF/JU/EWU to speak after school at club meetings until I submit their works to the district for review.

Um professors work has to be reviewed? is the district going to look up their journals and scholarly writings? Who is going to do that and I wonder what the turn around time will be.

Think about this, a club whose entire purpose for being is to get kids into college is currently not allowed to invite college professors to speak to them. Then in the future, these professors will have their work vetted by who knows who but who wants to bet only professors who lean far to the right will make the cut?

This is some McCarthy-level BS and please explain to me like I am a five-year-old how this isn't fascism.

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