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Saturday, January 21, 2023

FLDOE equates protecting white frailty with teaching African American history. To the state of Florida, they are the same thing. (draft)

The nation was outraged that DeSantis two days after Martin Luther King Jr. Day, he ended the teaching of A.P. African American history in Florida.

To say Florida’s defense of the indefensible has been lackluster is an insult to lackluster things.

Oh Florida, I don’t know what is worse your policies or the angry 12-year-old boys you have defending them as I can only surmise that’s who tweeted from the FLDOE defending its teaching of African American history.

Whoever tweeted above probably some intern on their way to becoming a soulless drone obviously didn’t even look, because if you go to the link below mentioned above there is some about teaching African American History, but then there is this as well.

Gulp, not a lot about Jim Crow, Redlining, Tulsa and Rosewood (and many other) massacres, segregation, and @%$#ing slavery there. Nope, but an awful lot of the fragile egos of DeSantis and the republican party. 

They are saying with a wink and a nod, sure teach something, but watch what you do because we will be gunning for you if some random white kid is upset.

You know Florida has over 5k teaching openings, how the %@$# isn't it 15k with all the BS they put its teachers and students through?

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