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Wednesday, January 11, 2023

DCPS makes national NPR, and not is a good way

 DCPS makes national NPR, and not is a good way

DCPS has made some terrible choices over the last year, from attacking the LGBTQ community at every turn to banning books from diverse authors. Another thing it also did recently was force the local performing arts high school to cancel its spring play Indecent, drawing the ire of decent folks everywhere.

Indecent is a play that is about censorship and how it is wrong, a lesson that DCPS obviously hasn’t learned.  


PEN America and two other free speech groups are drawing national attention to Florida county school officials' decision to cancel a play that is itself about censorship.

Last week, Duval County Public School officials canceled a production of Paula Vogel's Indecent at Douglas Anderson School of the Arts. Officials said the play about a play about a love affair between two women is "inappropriate," as reported by WJCT.

PEN America, along with The National Coalition Against Censorship and the Dramatists Legal Defense Fund released a statement condemning the decision and "urged school officials to rescind their decision and work with students to stage the play as planned."

The free speech organizations wrote that Indecent explores "LGBTQ+ rights, immigration, censorship, and antisemitism in the early 20th Century — themes which have striking relevance to the issues facing society today." They pointed out that Douglas Anderson's recent productions include RENT and Chicago, shows with, "as much, if not more, 'sexual dialogue' as is conveyed in Indecent."

"If vaguely-defined adult sexual dialogue' is reason enough to ban plays from school productions," the statement continued, "these, and many other canonical productions would be banned from student theaters — Romeo and Juliet for depicting sexually active teens, Oedipus Rex for its incestual themes, and other works that have serious literary and artistic value for students and community members."

Sigh, DCPS can’t just get out of its own way.  

What is Greene’s plan? Run DCPS into the ground and then retire? What does she want to be remembered for? Banning books, canceling plays, and attacking the LGBTQ community? Who does she represent? The vast majority of teachers and students or Moms for Liberty and DeSantis?

We can and should be doing better, and her lack of leadership hurts us all.  

The State of Florida is at a crossroads. One sign says Gilead, and the other says a prosperous Florida where all its people can be respected and treated fairly. Greene has chosen Gilead. 

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