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Thursday, December 19, 2013

This is not a good news education blog: Jacksonville’s drop out rate skyrockets and the district is rated a C for the second year in a row by the state.

If you have been following the news you might think everything is rosy here in Jacksonville but not so fast. Our drop out rate is the highest it has been in years growing a whopping 30% to 4.1% of all students.                                                                                 . .                                                                                                 08-09        09-10         10-11       11-12         12-13

Then despite the fact many of our individual school grades went up, our overall district grade remained a C.

Yes, lets celebrate good news but the problem around here is to often we ignore bad news. For years the Pratt-Dannals rein of error parroted an all is well message and everyone new things weren’t. If we want to be successful we need to have an honest conversation and that includes discussing our warts too.