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Saturday, June 14, 2014

Did the superintendnet reorganize the district while nobody was looking?

By Greg Sampson
First, Fred Heid was Chief Academic Officer and Daniela Simic was Chief of Academics: I never understood how their titles worked but Simic reported through Heid or so I thought.

But Heid has left to be a super in his own right in Illinois. Who took his place? Who knows?

Addison Davis is now Chief of Schools but what does that mean? I thought that title had been retired, but has Davis taken over Heid’s spot? I’m not really sure.

Then Anthony Anderson was hired from a Palm Beach County charter school to be a region chief and media references said he was in charge of middle schools.

Then there are vague media references that Iranetta Wright is in charge of QEA schools—basically the turnaround schools.

But DCPS was organized into four regions—groups of high schools with the feeder middle schools and their feeder elementary schools underneath them.

What’s going on? Has Dr. Vitti reorganized the district while no one was watching? Do principals know who their supervisors are?

It would help if DCPS published an organization chart on their website, but no, you won’t find that.

While we were sleeping and dreaming about the principal changes, did the superintendent pull off a reorganization? Without Board input and approval?


  1. Restructuring means, ultimately, nothing. If Vitti thinks it will help, he has not done his research. Moving around adults in positions of authority means nothing to the education of students. Teachers, the ones who have daily contact with students, make the difference. Seriously, does he actually read the research (and not just from biased sources) about what it takes to improve a child's education? If he did, he would know that these power plays do nothing for children. If anything, it keeps these people "in charge" believing they are gods with supremacy over the peon teachers. And I know they think they are doing something, but at best, they are regularly aggravating teachers who only want to teach to the best of their abilities, and at worst, they are creating a system that undermines those teachers by constantly moving people around, creating havoc with seemingly "vital" professional development, and testing students beyond reason (simply to satisfy the district's need for data). It is all meaningless!

  2. Yep and Yep. It's a minefield of sinkholes out there. Undermining teachers seems to be the main objective

  3. When you are ill equipped to manage you can create the illusion of progress by constantly moving - Vitti's dance is starting to losing its popularity and his glibness is becoming stale - he has no plan of action and you can't lead when you have disdain for those who are your primary assets.

  4. In my opinion Addison Davis is keeping morale down and giving Vitti bad advice. We also know the terror that is Iranetta Wright.