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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Fox News, hypocrisy knows no bounds

Hypocrisy knows no bound

I find it sickening the television pundits on Fox News, Stuart Varney, Bill O'Reilly and others, who demonize teachers, their unions and the Democratic Senators in Wisconsin who are just following the rules set out when they see a travesty about to happen.

They say there was a mandate and the politicians should just go along with the idea to curb collective bargaining. Though they didn’t say that in 2008 when a similar wave of discontent swept democratic majorities into the United States Congress. They conveniently forget that the republican minority in the senate used filibuster upon filibuster to drag out the health care debate for 18 months. I guess since they were against health care they were okay with that. They don’t say, well the democratic senators are just playing the system in place because they obviously think that right is only reserved for republicans in office.

I don’t see how the can criticize the teachers for missing school either. I know this causes children to miss school but these valiant men and women who already sacrifice so much are fighting for the entire profession. The big picture is rightfully there concern because if they lose and continue to be marginalized by those on the far right, blamed for all the problems and have the profession crippled then not just the children they have now lose but so will the children they have next year and the years after that. Well make that the trained chimpanzees that push play on the VCR’s that these lawmakers want to replace teachers with, children will lose.

Where were their cries when things were good, hey lets pay teachers more? The answer there wasn’t any, instead they were trying to lower taxes for the top five percent of society, so they could “create jobs”. Well friends how good of a job have they done?

Friends we have sat back and allowed the right and to a lesser degree the left too, to further increase the disparity between rich and poor and now that the economy has soured, and most of the rich are recession proof by the way, it’s the middle class that is disproportionately hurt, these pundits wonder why we are upset that these elected leaders are trying to fix the problem on the backs of our teachers, civil servants and children, instead of demanding the top five percent step up. Oh that’s right they are to busy creating jobs.

The truth is nobody gets elected with a mandate to harm others which is what ending collective bargaining would do and how that is related to pension reform and increased health care costs is beyond me. No it’s just another attempt by those in power to increase their power on the back of the working class. Friends we have been hoodwinked. Yes taxes are way to high but they are way to high on the middle class. No millionaire is suddenly going to quit their job and get one at a bookstore because the government took half and once again, repeat after me, if we allowed them to keep their loot so they could create jobs then we are getting a terrible return on our investment.

We have to wake up.

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