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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Roofers verses Teachers

In a recent message board discussing what is playing out in Wisconsin and in other states around the nation, MacInAction wrote:

Quote: Winning the election is hard work. Negotiating a contract is hard work.

Hard work is putting a roof on a house in the blazing sun and 130° heat of a summer's day. Hard work is repiping a house with a new plumbing system for hours in stifling hot attic. Hard work is paving a roadway all day with burning-hot asphalt a few feet away. Just a few examples of jobs that are just as important to our society as teaching. What you consider hard work is a preposterous!

The REAL working class, in many cases, doesn't get outstanding pay and pensions for what they do, but I don't see them protesting about 'unfair' treatment.

I'd love to see these disgruntled Wisconsin teachers work on a roofing crew for an entire month in our summer weather. They would be THRILLED to have the old job back with the current deal that is being proposed!

This is a roofer telling other middle class workers to stop whining. Dotcom billionaires, hedge fund managers and politicicans must be laughing it up all the way to the bank. This is what they want. They want the middle class to battle among themselves. If we’re distracted we can’t see how they are raping America.

If you read the message boards and comment sections you will find many postings similar to MacInActions, people little more than pay check to pay check living in fear of an accident or an illness arguing about table scraps. Convinced that they don’t deserve any better, saying if it sucks for me I want it to suck for my neighbors too. This while five percent of the nation controls forty percent of the wealth. We’re making cuts in social services and middle class workers salaries while giving tax breaks to billionaires and they have convinced MacInAction and his ilk that this is the right thing to do. Does the average man on the street not see what is wrong with that picture?

MacInAction I am sorry things aren’t better for you, I wish they were. I am teacher and I have to say my pension and benefits aren’t that great and taking five percent out of my paycheck, which is what the governor is proposing, is going to hurt. The solution is not to fix the problem on my back and on the backs of your hard working neighbors, or your back either; the solution is those at the top of the food chain pay their fair share.

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