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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Who would have voted for Scott had they known

From the Miami Herald's Naked Politics

by Michael C Bender

Corrections workers applaud question to Scott about pay cuts
A Florida Department of Corrections worker received an ovation from her colleagues Monday after she asked a pointed question to Gov. Rick Scott about state employees taking it on the chin again this year.

Scott is visiting state agencies around Tallahassee and encourages workers to ask questions at the end of his tours. Few do.

Here was the question from the DOC employees (we couldn't find her afterward to get her name):

You said to hold you accountable. State employees have seen, since the Bush Administration, a reduction in state employees. I have been with this agency for many years. And I've seen where our staff has been significantly cut. We are required to do more with less. State employees haven't received a raise in five or six years. You're asking us to contribute to our pension plan and contribute more to our insurance. My question is simple: What have you required for the wealthiest Floridians to contribution to the state revenues?

Scott ignored the applause and spent the next seven minutes not answering her question.

Instead, Scott attempted a quick lesson in capitalism.

"If you work in the private sector, here's the things you have to do: You're overhead has to come down each and every year as a percentage of revenues. Every year. That has not happened in state government," he said.

Scott went on to talk about WalMart, China, taxes in Illinois and competing for business with Texas.

No one applauded when he finished.

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