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Monday, February 14, 2011

Tea Party to Protest Teachers, for Shame

The Peoples Tea Party has called for a mobilization of it’s members to protest the Clay County School District agreeing after 8 months of contentious negotiations, 1.7 million in pay and benefits to its teachers.

On their web-site it said, "The unions are alive and kicking in Clay County Schools ... Get as many people to the meeting to show that the unions shouldn't be making the decisions there."

This anti-teachers union hysteria has reached all an new height.

Friends the teachers in Orange Park deserve this raise which for the average teacher will not offset increased medical costs, gas costs, food costs, inflation, what most already spend out of their own pockets on their students and classrooms and so much. In fact they deserve more than the small step increases that they are due to receive.

They by the way are also not the ones who caused the current troubling financial times nor are they the ones that have allowed the Florida Legislature to create tax loopholes that rob billions from Florida’s coffers and only benefit a few.

I know teachers in Orange Park that are little more than pay check to pay check. That leave their own children in extended day or in front of the telivision so they can tutor their students and grade their papers. They don’t have dreams of being rich just a desire to make a difference and not only should they be able to pay their bills and put aside for a rainy day but any organization that protests them and their ability to do so should be ashamed of themselves.

I get that we don’t like taxes, I get that we think the government wastes but there should be other ways to make up the money than on the backs of our teachers.

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  1. Hi - I find your comment about education and the Tea Party interesting. I do have some questions for you. Could you please possibly call in on Saturday @ 5:30 Central time - so we can here more. 818-572-2925.