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Sunday, September 11, 2011

The Florida Legislature ignores the constitution

Representative Mike Weinstein wants to introduce a bill that would determine how much the state legislature funds education. The mere fact that there isn’t already a standard in place should reveal to everybody the states lack of a commitment towards education. They say we can fund it this much one year but the next year it may be a totally different number and this depends on what “there” priorities are. Go and look if you don't believe me, the legislature has changed the number a kid’s education is worth each year for years.

Is it too much for of a hardship to say a students education is worth x amount of dollars and then stick with it. This year a student’s education is worth five hundred dollars less than it was last year and it has decreased about a thousand over the last few. This at the same time that the state is demanding districts pay for more standardized testing and spend more on smaller classes, which by the way is the only reform to come out of Tallahassee and then it was citizen not legislator mandated, that has any evidence supporting that it works.

Educating our children should be our paramount responsibility and if you disagree with that, you also disagree with Florida’s state constitution because it says the same thing.

Chris Guerrieri
School Teacher

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