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Friday, September 9, 2011

School Board member Martha Barret taken to the woodshed

She is obviously looking at a different school district. -cpg

From the Times Union

School Board members rated the performance of Superintendent Ed Pratt-Dannals in what was one of the most challenging years for Duval County public schools. I believe all comments by most board members are substantial.

The superintendent needs to make improvement in identified areas or be held accountable, quickly.

As a corporate executive, I am evaluated on the efficiency and effectiveness I add to my company. If I do not accomplish our goals, I am held accountable.

While the importance of accomplishing goals is invaluable, the board's evaluation of the superintendent is based solely on behaviors and not data. Despite these shortcomings, I respect the board's efforts to put the superintendent "on notice" about his less-than-satisfactory performance.

In noting this, board member Martha Barrett needs to come back to Earth.

Her evaluation of the superintendent should insult the entire community.

To indicate there were significant challenges this past year in the school system and consequently rate Pratt-Dannals as "highly effective" or "excellent" in all areas is counterproductive to student success.

Barrett appears to be giving the superintendent a pass for ineffectiveness. Certainly the superintendent should not receive a pat on the back for nearly 70 percent of 10th-grade students not reading at grade level - one of many issues.

Surprisingly, she insists the superintendent has an "excellent" relationship with the community.

Multiple surveys I have read suggest the community is not pleased with the superintendent's performance or the district's direction.

As a resident of the district Barrett is elected to serve, I question if she is in touch with the true condition of our public schools.

We need board members who will castigate the superintendent for mediocre performance.

And to Barrett: If she plans to continue representing us and our children, she must open her eyes to see reality for what it is.

G.S. Lewis,



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