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Saturday, March 5, 2016

Commissioner Stewart jumps the shark

I will just let her words do the talking for her.

“We all know there have been questions about opt out and that there were situations where this occurred last year. Section 1008.22, F.S., regarding statewide, standardized assessments, states clearly that participation is mandatory for all districts and all students attending public schools. My belief is that students who do not want to test should not be sitting in public schools, as it is mandatory and required for students seeking a standard high school diploma. Statewide, standardized assessments are part of [the] requirement to attend school, like immunization records. That is our message and what we send to you to be shared with your staff.”

Pam Stewart is the commissioner of education in Florida where every republican legislator is bananas over school choice and says parents know what’s best for their children.

That is…

Unless they want to opt them out of the state’s high stakes test.

Unless they want them to be able to have daily recess.

Unless they want to send them to a school that is adequately funded.

And increasingly as the state works around the class size amendment, unless they want to send them to a school with reasonably sized classes.

If parents want any of those things I guess it is time for them to hit the road. 

I am really starting to believe that the main purpose of the high stakes test is not to assess children but to chase children out of our public schools an assertion that Pam Stewart’s own words seem to back up.

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